1.  How do we get paid?– We offer a simple 8% fee plus 25% of the first months rent for full management services.  We also offer a tenant placement service for a flat fee of $1500.00.  This will include advertising the property as well as showing and screening potential tenants..  Please call us regarding multi unit pricing 303-660-8888.

2.  How do we screen tenants?– We include (at no cost to owner) an extensive background check that includes credit history, criminal history, previous evictions search, verification of previous rental references and verifying employment history and adequate income.

3.  How will we advertise your property?– We use all of the free forums of advertisement (ie. Our Website, Zillow, Facebook, Trulia, Property Sign etc) and offer optional paid forums (Rentals.com, Multiple Listing Service) that would be approved and paid for by the owner.

4.  How do we handle repairs? Once any issue is discovered, we will contact the owner and bring it to their attention. We would pursue any warranties in place or use a vendor of the owner’s choice (if requested).  Otherwise, we have trusted vendors that we work with regularly to keep your costs down.  Any repair over $200 would require the owner’s approval.

5.  Do you have to use us if you sell the property?– No.  We can help you with that if you choose, but you are not required to in our management contract.

6.   How do we ensure the condition of your home? We offer exterior inspections monthly during the growing season (April through September) and quarterly in the off season (October.-March).  Interior inspections with pictures are performed annually and our repair providers are instructed to inform us if they see any issues while performing maintenance.  We also offer our optional Property Wellness Program, where we have partnered with a home inspector who, for a nominal fee, will inspect the fixtures and mechanical systems to identify any potential issues that when addressed can prevent damages to your home.

7.   How and when will you get paid?– We offer direct deposit or a mailed check by the 10th of each month.  Detailed monthly statements will be either emailed or mailed (owner’s preference).

8.   What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay?– We do everything we can in our screening process to ensure that this does not happen; but in the event of this rare occurrence we have partnered with an attorney to perform an eviction and to ensure legal compliance with State and City ordinances for a flat fee.

9.   How do I know I am getting the most rent? We perform a market analysis before initially renting the home and before each lease renewal or subsequent tenant to ensure that you are always in line with the market and maximizing the return on your real estate investment.

10.  Why hire Secretary of Estates? With more than 20 years specializing in property management your investment will be in good hands.  We pride ourselves in our unparalleled customer service and competitive rates.